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July 29, Online Workshop "Finding Your Footing" with Karryn / 7/29オンラインWS『足元から始めよう』



Online Workshop with Karryn Miller

Finding Your Footing:

Releasing Fear Through Self-Connection

Thursday July 29, 2021

10:30am-12:30pm (UTC+9, Tokyo time)

on Zoom

This two-hour workshop is all about connecting to our foundation, to what anchors us, to help us navigate life's challenges.

This session will include: a grounding slow flow yoga practice with a particular focus on releasing tension and opening up the feet and lower body; calming breathwork; a guided visualization; time for introspection through journaling; and group Reiki, an energy healing practice.

About the Instructor

Karryn Miller took part in Sun & Moon's first ever teacher training in 2007 and used to teach at the studio when she went by the nickname "KC." Since leaving Japan over a decade ago she has taught yoga in Vietnam, India, the USA, and South Korea. She has also completed a RYT 200-hour teacher training, is a certified STOTT Pilates instructor, and is Reiki certified to the third degree. Originally from New Zealand, Karryn moved back to Japan this summer.


Early bird discount until July 10th: ¥3,000

Regular price from July 11th: ¥3,500

Japanese Translation:

Mina Suzuki


A Zoom meeting link will be provided a few days before the workshop. Please set up your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) Zoom App installed. If it will be the first time to use Zoom, we recommend you to test a connection beforehand.

How to Apply:

Now Online registration is open. Please visit our Classes page and select the workshop. You will need to create your account if you do not have one.

Otherwise, send in a request to Sun & Moon Yoga by email with the workshop title in the subject. Include your full NAME, ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER. Payment instructions will be sent upon receipt of your request. If you do not have an account on our system, it will be required later. Early application is strongly suggested.

If you'd have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!





10:30am-12:30pm (UTC+9、東京)









7月10日までにお申し込みの方の早期お申し込み割引: ¥3,000

7月11日以降の通常お申し込みの参加費: ¥3,500





または、Sun & Moon YogaまでEmailでお申し込みください。スタジオ/オンラインを選べるワークショップの場合、タイトルにワークショップ名を記載し、スタジオ参加またはオンライン参加のご希望を明記してください。本文にご氏名(ローマ字で読み方をつけてください)、お電話番号を必ず記載してください。お申し込みのメールを受け付けてから1週間以内に、参加費お支払い方法とともにスタジオからご連絡いたします。スタジオシステムにアカウントを作成されていない方は、後日、アカウントの作成が必要になります。



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