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Embracing Backbends: A Workshop with Em, June 12 / バックベンドが好きになる! エム先生のワークショップ 6月12日


Postures also known as ‘heart-openers’, this workshop will explore the physical, physiological and emotional perspectives of backbends, the most misunderstood group of yoga poses.

If backbends bring up emotions and/or are physically challenging for you, this is the workshop for you. Take time to build awareness in our practice, to come out of thinking, out of worry and tune into the signals of our body. Feeling out the actions of the pelvis, spine and shoulders we will methodically awaken the body, using props and the wall as we explore symmetrical backbends, ensuring we keep our practice sustainable.

Saturday June 12 5:00pm - 8:00pm




Sun and Moon Yoga Tokyo (Map)


Em Bettinger (Instructor profile page)

Japanese Translation:

Mina Suzuki

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2021年6⽉12⽇(土) 5pm -8pm


サンアンドムーンヨガ (Map)


スタジオ参加(定員10名): ¥6,000








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