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動物たちのためにみんなでフロー/Let’s Flow For A Good Cause: Pose and Paws

English follows Japanese.





エムは動物が大好きなことで有名です。2011年からPose & Pawsのヨガイベントで新潟のあにまるガードさんや、千葉のMina's Animal Sanctuary-AnimOさんをサポートしていることをご存知の方も多いでしょう。ヨガの練習に大きな目的をもつことが、私たちひとりひとりの大きな目的になっています。




5月21日(土) 10.30am -12.00pm

6月18日(土) 10.30am -12.00pm

7月23日(土) 10.30am -12.00pm

9月3日(土) 10.30am -12.00pm

10月1日(土) 10.30am -12.00pm

詳細や活動のお知らせは、こちらをフォローしてくださいね。 Pose and Paws Facebook Page.




It’s hard a lot of the time to connect to nature when surrounded by concrete. We look up and view live screens and then there is the hustle and bustle of all at street level, we often think, where can I escape to?

Yoyogi Park.

Em will be teaching another season of park yoga all for a good cause. A little bit of nature in the metropolis. The view of the endless sky, the color of the trees, the sound of the birds. All around us is alive and ultimately changes the way practice.

What’s the good cause?

Em is a renowned animal lover and most of you know her Pose & Paws yoga events have been supporting Animal Guard in Niigata since 2011 and is now also helping Mina’s Animal Sanctuary- AnimO. Giving our yoga practice a bigger purpose and giving each of us a bigger purpose.

Each class is donation based and all money is given to the shelters. To date, over ¥1,600,000 has been raised. That’s a lot of downdogs to help a lot furry friends over the years!

Em invites you to join her in Yoyogi Park again this season. Really feel into the earth and reach your downdog tail to the sky.

Dates this season:

Saturday May 21st 10.30am -12.00pm

Saturday June 18th 10.30am - 12.00pm

Saturday July 23rd 10.00am -11.30am *note change

Saturday September 3rd 10.30am - 12.00pm

Saturday October 1st 10.30am -12.00pm

For more details and updates, please do follow Pose and Paws Facebook Page.

Let’s keep all crossed for good weather this season.



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